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9th MBB Symposium 2022 | BAW - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Gaebler
Please post your questions/remarks/comments for Katerina Fotopoulou here: ====
Richmond Stace
Fascinating. Do you have some thoughts on how these delusional beliefs get stuck? Assume that once they did not have them, and now they do and they are held or ring fenced.
Michael Gaebler
Thanks, Richmond.Dear all, please feel encouraged to post questions already during the talk.
Rebecca Böhme (LiU)
1. How do you determine the neglect score (might have missed it because of a child's nosebleed ;))? 2. Could the mechanism behind the updating problem in neglect be comparable to schizophrenia? The immediate coming up with a novel explanation for why the gloves won't come on seems very similar to holding on to delusional frameworks in schizophrenia.
Alice Laciny
In the ASD example, would the difficulty in mentalizing allocentric stances also account for difficulty in planning for the future? Is that what you meant with the temporal aspects of the self at T1, T2?
Richmond Stace
We spoke a few years ago about the effect of stroking on painful movements. It continues to be a simple way that people can self-soothe by stroking themselves and improve their movement quality. This is just a clinical observation, but very consistent. Wondered if you have any thoughts on how this can be explained?
Sahib Khalsa
Thank you Aikaterina for a wonderful and thought provoking talk!
Paula Salamone - LiU
Thank you for the great talk!
Paula Salamone - LiU
Follow up on last question: what have you done in the
Karen Simonyan
I would like to know about egosyntonic nature of anorexia nervosa
Paula Salamone - LiU
EEG and affective touch
Paula Salamone - LiU
(what do you measure with EEG in affective touch experiments?)