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9th MBB Symposium 2022 | BAW - Shared screen with speaker view
Michael Gaebler
Please type your questions/remarks/comments for *Sahib Khalsa's* talk below ====
Michael Gaebler
Please feel free and encouraged to already ask questions (in written form) during the talk
Maria Azanova
Thank you for the talk. 1) Do you think depressive symptoms are associated with increased or decreased interoceptive ability (for example, with cardiac interoception)? 2) Could this association be moderated by other factors such as gender, BMI, comorbidity with anxiety, severity of depressive symptoms?
n AN patients did you control for the patients taking laxatives? htose who do and don't take them could potentially have different results?
Vadim Nikulin
Thank you for a nice talk. Did you have a look at steady state evoked responses at the vibrating frequency? I would also look at the amplitude dynamics of neural oscillations
Alice Laciny
Very interesting talk! In your studies, does anything point to a connection between atypical sensory processing in GI interoception and the high prevalence of eating disorders in autism?
Paula Salamone - LiU
Thanks for the talk! Always nice to listen to your research.I am very intrigued with the gut feeling study, do you think that meditation or mind-body therapies might help enhance more the gastro-interoception than it does for other interoceptive modalities? Could you test this with the gut-evoked potential?
Rebecca Böhme (LiU)
Did I get that right that there was a change in heartrate measures after gastrointestinal stimulation? If so, what's your interpretation of this?
Paula Salamone - LiU
Sorry I have another… related to the gut-intero: what do you think about relationship to social cognition. Do you think it would have a more critical and direct link than other intero-domains?
Arno Villringer
Wonderful talk! You report an evoked potential in response to the vibrating capsule, i.e., "gut to brain signalling", Do you have any data/indication regarding "brain to gut signalling" e.g., with transcranial stimulation methods?
I will be presenting on this very topic later :-) We have similar data and some new treatment suggestions
Paula Salamone - LiU
Amazing! looking forward! :)
Rebecca Böhme (LiU)
Short follow up question: did people find it unpleasant or even scary to have that gastrointestinal stimulation? Did it feel foreign/non-self evoked to them?
indeed, this is not consistent with your own active inference model!
incredible talk! thank you!
Paula Salamone - LiU
indeed, should be more consistent with allostatic models