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9th MBB Symposium 2022 | BAW - Shared screen with speaker view
Samyogita Hardikar
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Laura Crucianelli
Impressive work, Jessica, thank you! I am wondering if you have also collected measures of other interoceptive dimensions such as sensibility or awareness or only the accuracy, so the performance at the task? It would be interesting to see if there are discrepancies between the interoceptive dimensions based on the dementia…
Rebecca Böhme (LiU)
How did you analyze the MRI-behavior relationship? Behavior as a covariate in the VBM? Did you correct for whole brain volume or something similar?
Laura Crucianelli
Yes, that makes sense! thank you
Lioba Enk
Why was the tapping task chosen as a measure of interoceptive accuracy, instead of for instance heartbeat counting or else?
Paula Salamone - LiU
Counting task have a bit of bias, because it involves more WM
Felix Klotzsche
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Tilman Stephani
Really exciting approach! I wondered how these graph-based measures of gaze differ from simpler metrics such "number of gaze shifts to a certain house"..? Relatedly, do you plan to relate the connectivity structure also to behavioral reports of the spatial representation of the city? Again, great presentation!
Juanzhi Lu
Thank you so much for your interesting talk! My question is, does the VR headset has an eye-tracking function? Or did you combine eye tracking with a VR headset?
Nour Tawil
Very impressive work, thank you! Did you look into which areas/features of the houses participants looked at, and whether these high node degree houses have anything in common in terms of architectural parameters?
Juanzhi Lu
Yes! Thank you so much!
Felix Klotzsche
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Samyogita Hardikar
Thank you for the great talk! Did you also collect data about the participants' trait anxiety, anger, stress etc? Did this have an effect on threat-processing?
Jan Ostrowski
Thanks for the nice talk! The VR stand seems a good way to avoid artifacts in the EEG Signal, but the way you set it up prevents to make full use of head movement. Do you have any idea how to Maybe set up something similar, but with more Degrees of freedom for VR head movement?
Jan Ostrowski
Thanks for the answer!
Samyogita Hardikar
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Felix Klotzsche
Thanks for a great talk! Very cool way to tackle this question. The gambling task showed to be elicit thoughts across (almost?) all domains with a quite high frequency. Which gambling task was this and do you have an explanation why it triggered so heterogeneous thoughts?
Rebecca Böhme (LiU)
Very interesting, thanks! similar/related question: did you ask people about their confidence in reporting their thoughts reliably?
Felix Klotzsche
Julia Folz
Thanks very interesting talk! Have you looked at the consistency of thought content within individuals across tasks and contrasted this to the effects specific to the different tasks?
Julia Folz
Thanks :)
Samyogita Hardikar
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Rebecca Böhme (LiU)
Very nice talk, thanks. Was amygdala your only ROI? Did you do any whole brain analyses? In a very similiar design Bratman et al 2015 found a difference in subgenual PFC, related to reduced rumination, after nature walk.
Silvia Rodriguez-Rozada
Out of curiosity, have you tried to deprive participants of some urban-related sensory cues and replace them for nature-related ones (for example, walk through the city with headphones while listening to nature sounds)? What would you expect, could this be beneficial and an alternative solution if people don’t have access to nature on their everyday life?
İlkay Arı
On a similar vein with the above question, do you think we could observe similar activity levels in amygdala in an urban environment in a virtual reality setting?
Thanks for the great talk! I am a fan of the intervention based approach. I was wondering, did you consider the normal living environment of the participants (urban, near forest, etc.)? I could imagine this could modulate the effect of the one hour walk as well
Thanks a lot for the very interesting talk. First, I was wondering whether you also acquired any autonomic or endocrine data? And secondly, would you think that season (e.g. spring vs winter) could modulate the strength of the positive effect of natural environments?
Melinda Jeglinski
how did you transport the participants to the forest/city. Do tou think that transportation time/manner has an impact on results?
Tilman Stephani
Very nice presentation and exciting findings! What are your thoughts about which aspects of "nature" drive your effects? E.g., sensory input such as shapes, complexity or even green color? Or is it rather the fact that walking in a forrest is actually less dangerous than on a busy street (with cars other humans and so on)?
Jasmin L. Walter
Thank you for the interesting talk. Could it be possible that the city is more stressful as it contains more potentially threatening situations? So for example, would you expect a reduced effect of the nature conditions, if participants would encounter potentially threatening situations in nature as well? (E.g. inform them that a potentially dangerous animals could appear, or some aggressive people or cars passing closely etc.?)
Richmond Stace
Really interesting and important work, encouraging people to make choices to build health.
Ammara Nasim
Great talk! thanksIn the past studies, "adolescents show increased amygdala activity when encoding stimuli compared to adults", did you analyse the age differences in your study?Also considering their social stress level before regarding their job stress etc would new dimension to it.
Alicja Olszewska
Thank you for this interesting talk! Is any nature the same for this effect, or is it the effect of green areas? What about other nature scenes, like the beach or lakeside?
Richmond Stace
People who are not able to immediately access nature could use imagery. Any thoughts?
Alicja Olszewska
I also wonder, did you control for the distance walked/walking speed?
Felix Klotzsche
📢 written reminder:There will be a second discussion round for this exciting panel later today (7:30-8:00 PM GMT+1). Please come by to ask your remaining questions and chat about all the great research that was presented.
Jessica Hazelton
Thank you!